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Now Software's Conflict Database Goes On-line; 1,100 Extensions, Now 7.0 Public Beta


The Now Utilities Division of Now Software Inc. today placed The Now Startup Manager Reference Library, the largest and most comprehensive Macintosh conflicts and extensions database on-line at

Users can search on-line or download a plug-in version for use in Now Startup Manager 7.0. The Now Startup Manager Reference Library is updated daily.

The searchable Reference Library currently contains information on over 1,100 control panels and extensions. Additional information includes version numbers, conflict and grouping information and live links back to the extension or control panel owner's site.

Now Startup Manager 7.0 uses the plug-in version of the Now Startup Manager Reference Library to augment its ability to identify conflicts, load order dependencies and to identify extensions and control panels that work in conjunction with each other, such as the five control panels and extensions needed to run the CD-ROM drive.

"The Now Startup Manager Reference Library Plug-in gives Now Startup Manager a continuously updated source of information that it uses to make Macs more stable and conflict-free," said Henry Carstens, general manager of the Now Utilities Division.

The Now Startup Manager Reference Library is live at now. Now Startup Manager 7.0 begins shipping on Aug. 28. Now Startup Manager is included in Now Utilities 6.5 which also begins shipping on Aug. 28. Now Startup Manager Reference Library Plug-ins can be downloaded for Now Startup Manager at no charge from

Now Utilities 6.5 has a SRP of $129.95 and Now Startup Manager 7.0 has an SRP of $79.95. The expected street prices are $89.95 and $55 respectively.

Upgrades to Now Utilities 6.5 are $14.95 for 6.0 users and $29.95 for all previous users. A competitive upgrade to Now Startup Manager from Conflict Catcher is available for $29.95.

Now 7.0 Public Beta

Now Software has announced that the public beta of Now Startup Manager 7.0 will be available on August 22 and will ship on August 28. A list of comparisons between NSM and Conflict Catcher, from Casady & Greene, is also available.


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