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Now Software Calendar & Address Book Plug-Ins for Netscape


AboutTime and AboutPeople provide in-line views of familiar calendar and address book formats, fast navigation and search, and exclusive drag-and-drop capability to Now Up-to-Date PORTLAND, Ore. July 29, 1996-Now Software, Inc., announced the first Netscape Navigator plug-ins for viewing, navigating and consuming calendar and address book information on the World Wide Web. AboutTime and AboutPeople by Now Software permit Internet and intranet calendars and address books published to the Web using Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher( to be accessed within the Netscape Navigator window for vastly improved ease-of-use.

AboutTime enables fast navigation to a full selection of calendar views-month, week, day and detail-without switching pages in Netscape Navigator. AboutPeople's powerful, high-speed search permits users to instantly find a name within a large contact list, and to display that name and address in a familiar business card format-all without switching pages in Netscape Navigator. And instead of just reading Web calendars and addresses, users of AboutTime and AboutPeople gain the exclusive ability to drag-and-drop useful information like the schedule of Olympic events, release dates of economic reports for investment purposes, and City Guide details on hotels, restaurants and cash machines into their personal Now Up-to-Date calendars and address books residing on their PCs and Apple Macs.

"Using Netscape plug-in technology makes a lot of sense and gives users easy access to Web calendars and address books," said Eric Hahn, senior vice president of enterprise technologies at Netscape. "Instead of being forced to flip back and forth among HTML pages for different content views, Netscape Navigator users get fast, seamless access to Now's network of entertainment, sports and business schedules and directories on the Web."

"In addition to high-performance Internet calendars and address books, AboutTime and AboutPeople also provide an ideal solution for corporate intranets, " said Duane Schulz, president and CEO of Now Software. "Combined with Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher, our Netscape plug-ins enable businesses to post company meetings and training schedules, distribute employee directories and vendor lists, and share project schedules across multiple computer platforms through a Navigator browser window."

AboutTime and AboutPeople AboutTime is the first and only calendar designed specifically for Netscape Navigator, permitting users to view browsable schedules directly within the Navigator window. AboutPeople is the first and only address book designed specifically for Netscape Navigator, enabling users to view, search and sort large directories from within the Navigator window. Both AboutTime and AboutPeople offer users the exclusive ability to drag-and-drop calendar and address book entries off Web sites directly into their personal Now Up-to-Date calendars and address books on a PC or Macintosh.

Availability Free versions of AboutTime and AboutPeople for Windows 95 are currently available for download at Now Software's Web site ( and here.


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