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Now Utilities Users Get E-Mail Update, Download it Here


Now Software released the July update and a custom installer for Now Utilities 6.0. The free monthly update includes new plug in modules for Now Tabs and bug fixes for Now Mail an electronic mail package that lets users send files directly from their desktop to other Now Utilities users. The update is available from Now's website at The custom installer makes it easy for users to install various configurations of utilities on their machines.

The highlight of the July release are two new plug ins for Now Tabs - Desk Accessories and Disk Space. The new plug ins push the total number of plug ins available for Now Tabs and Now Shortcuts to 30.

Desk Accessories is a Now Tabs Plug In that launches the Calculator, Note Pad or Stickies using the "Now" Button. The Desk Accessories Plug In is an easy way to access these handy desk accessories. The Desk Accessories Plug In can even save a little space in the Apple menu since the user can remove Calculator, Note Pad and Stickies from the Apple Menu and launch them from Now Tabs instead. (Note Pad and Stickies are only available in System 7.5 or later.)

Disk Space is another Now Tabs Plug In that displays the free space available on currently mounted hard disks and floppies. It's a great way to get a quick heads up to move (or use QuickFiler to compress and archive) some files and folders before running out of disk space.

The July update includes the following items: Bug fixes for Now Mail. A bug in Now Mail was causing a crash on some systems and has been fixed. Desk Accessories is a Now Tabs plug in that can launch the Calculator, Note Pad or Stickies. Disk Space is a Now Tabs plug in that shows the free space available on hard disks and floppies.

The update can be downloaded here.

Now Utilities 6.0 has an estimated street price of $89.95. Upgrades from previous versions are $29.95. The monthly updates for May, June and July are available at no charge from Now's Web site at The custom installer is also available at

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