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Windows Apps Accessible Over Net with Insignia Solutions' NTRIGUE Net Clients for Mac and UNIX


Insignia Solutions is now shipping its new Internet/intranet clients, the NTRIGUE Net Client for Macintosh and NTRIGUE Net Client for UNIX, allowing Mac and UNIX desktops to access Windows applications over the corporate intranet and remotely over the Internet. In addition to opening up a world of never-before available Windows applications to end-users, the Net Clients simplify system administration and support by delivering applications via the corporate intranet. The NTRIGUE Net Clients make it easy for users to access the applications they need when working remotely, and users can even use their Web browsers to run Windows applications with a single mouseclick.

* Windows everywhere, from anywhere!

* Deliver Windows applications to Mac and UNIX desktops across the Internet and corporate intranets

* Easily integrated with Internet browsers

* Launches Windows applications over the Web with a single mouseclick

"With the combination of NTRIGUE and the NTRIGUE Net Clients, companies can now deliver 'Windows everywhere, from anywhere,'" said Dr. Robert P. Lee, Insignia Solutions' president and CEO. "Regardless of whether users are connecting remotely or locally, via a Web browser or remote connection, they can get instant access to standard Windows 95, Windows 3.x and Windows NT( applications immediately from anywhere in the world."

Access to Windows Applications via Web Browsers

The NTRIGUE Net Clients allow users to establish an NTRIGUE session that lets them run Windows applications over the Internet and intranet. Using an NTRIGUE Net Client as a helper application, customers can run Windows applications just by clicking on a Web page in which a reference to a Windows application has been embedded.

For example, Company ABC wants to give customers access to their account information via its Web site, but the information is held in Excel which cannot be displayed on the Web without complex conversions or CGI scripts. And to compound the problem, customers are running on a variety of disparate platforms. The company can use an NTRIGUE application server to allow its customers to actually launch the Excel Viewer over the Web, without actually having the Excel application and regardless of the platform they're using. Customers can easily access up-to-date account information whenever it's convenient for them.

"Our new Net Clients allow users to run real, off-the-shelf Windows applications over the Internet today, with no need to rewrite the applications or download them to their local desktop," continued Dr. Lee. "In addition to making interactive Web sites a reality now, the Net Clients protect both sides from getting potentially dangerous software or viruses -- since no applications or files actually move between the server and the user, security is protected for both sides."

Great Performance from a Thin Client

The NTRIGUE Net Clients, which are based on the ICA(R) protocol from Citrix(R) Systems, Inc., provide optimal performance over low-bandwidth dial-up, WAN and ISDN communication lines to make it easy and productive for users to run Windows applications remotely over the Internet. Microsoft(R) is now including Citrix' WinFrame(TM) Web Client, which also uses the ICA protocol, in version 3.0 of its Internet Explorer for Windows. Because they utilize minimal network resources, the NTRIGUE Net Clients are also well- suited for use within corporate intranets where LAN traffic is highly congested. In addition, the NTRIGUE Net Clients feature minimal RAM requirements, leaving users' workstations free for other applications.Ntrigue

NTRIGUE is the fastest and easiest Windows NT application server solution on the market for delivering Windows applications to all enterprise desktops, including PCs, X terminals, UNIX workstations, and Macintosh computers. NTRIGUE delivers Windows 95, Windows 3.x and Windows NT applications to every desktop in an enterprise at very high performance. NTRIGUE, which includes Citrix' WinFrame product, is the most comprehensive intranet/Internet Windows solution on the market today.

NTRIGUE allows for remote access from PCs, Macintosh computers and UNIX desktops and supports all platforms, so every desktop in an enterprise can access the same Windows applications. Network Plug and Play gives users immediate access to NTRIGUE servers on their network, without requiring users to have detailed networking expertise.

U.S. pricing for the NTRIGUE Net Clients begins at $69. The NTRIGUE Net Clients are available for immediate download from Insignia's Web page (, and through the company's channel partners.


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