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Wednesday April 16, 1997


New York MacUsers' Group Debuts Industry's First Corporate User Group Membership Services

At a kick-off meeting held today at Apple Computer's headquarters here, the New York MacUsers Group (NYMUG) unveiled a broad range of new membership services designed for the unique needs of businesses with large numbers of Macintosh users or with Macs in mission-critical roles. MIS professionals and executives from New York's Fortune 100, as well as their counterparts at high-end post-production, advertising and multimedia boutiques, attended in a record setting display of support. This is believed to be the first time a user group has presented a suite of business-oriented services such as these.

NYMUG officials announced a broad array of new services including special interest groups (SIGs) for MIS professionals, multiple levels of technical support services, education, and temporary and permanent staffing services, to help businesses more efficiently manage their support and infrastructure demands.

"It is no secret that these are interesting times for Macintosh users," said Scott Douglas, Director of NYMUG. "We have structured a set of membership services that build a bridge between the needs of corporate Mac environments and what is essentially the 'club-house' for New York's most savvy Macintosh creative and technical talent."

The launch of Corporate Membership Services is just one of many enhancements that NYMUG has introduced since they announced the partnership with Charles River Computers, a leading NYC-based Mac and PC systems support and consulting organization.

"We're very pleased that NYMUG has been able to leverage some of our management systems and tools for supporting corporate information technology in order to put together these much-needed programs for the business community," commented Vincent Salzillo, Director of Macintosh Services at Charles River Computers.

"In the past, businesses in New York City looking for Mac expertise would have limited options and ultimately would have to choose between taking on additional technical staff or engaging the services of consulting or systems integration houses. Which, when you think about it, is not very efficient, since many of the city's best Macintosh professionals are right here at NYMUG. With our talent pool and CRC's management infrastructure and resources, corporate members get the best
of both worlds."

About NYMUG NYMUG is the country's third largest Macintosh computer user group and New York's largest association of computer talent. It is perhaps best known for its award-winning Mac Street Journal, a widely-circulated newsletter produced by its members, as well as a popular Internet bulletin board service (BBS) and MacFair, an annual trade show.



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