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Oblix to Form & Develop Java-Based Applications, Company Management Team includes Ex Apple Emplyees


In response to a growing demand for "out-of-the-box" intranet software, Oblix, Inc. formed June 1996 to develop a unique line of Java-based productivity applications. Based in Cupertino, Calif., the company was founded by a visionary team with years of management and development experience at Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems and Apple Computer. After seeing the huge potential for intranets as a highly- functional workspace, Oblix's team began to root its vision in reality and has since produced beta versions of its first few products. The company's goal is to become the premier developer and supplier of intranet productivity applications.

Before joining the company, Oblix's management team gained extensive experience in web-related technologies at companies such as Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems and Apple Computer. Additional experience in management consulting has also helped Oblix to better understand the information and productivity needs of corporate clients. This diversity, combined with a talented and creative staff, have enabled Oblix to embark upon the development of a visionary line of intranet applications.

"Oblix is helping to transform intranets into a viable workspace for the enterprise by creating applications that empower employees, giving them the tools they need to work together and accomplish tasks with greater efficiency," said Sandeep Johri, president and CEO of Oblix. "Our Java-based applications are client-focused and add a rich level of 'out-of-the-box' functionality. They're also capable of leveraging a corporation's infrastructure to expedite a return on intranet investments."

Oblix's suite of integrated applications puts the entire organization at the user's fingertips, allowing for enhanced communication and collaboration among the enterprise. Its employee directory, organization chart, group manager, and resource scheduler present corporate information through a sophisticated, Java-based display. At the same time, the server-based software leverages an enterprise's existing technology investment by installing on a web server in a heterogenous client environment, and working with any Java- enabled web browser or network computer. Individually or as a suite, Oblix's applications are highly scalable and cost-effective solutions.

"At a firm like The McKenna Group, where 'time to insight' is of primary importance to our customers, internal communication and personal productivity are high priorities," said Michael Pierantozzi, senior consultant/webmaster at The McKenna Group. "In our evaluation of Oblix's products, it's clear that they have the potential to deliver real value to our organization. Oblix's software has an exciting and elegant set of functionality that is both intuitive and powerful - and needed."

Oblix's products are now being tested through a rigorous beta program at companies of various sizes and functions. At a large package distribution company, Oblix's software is being utilized as a repository of corporate directory information and a utility for managing resources and scheduling meetings. On a different scale, employees of a medium-sized manufacturing company are using Oblix's directory as a focal point for communication, while its organization chart is providing a better picture of the company's structure. Beta installations are also planned for a large network hardware supplier, a national hotel chain and a computer consulting firm.

The first series of products from Oblix will be available for general beta in December. Companies wishing to participate in Oblix's beta program can sign up through Oblix's web site at . Oblix's software currently runs on Sun, Silicon Graphics and Windows NT servers, and is accessible through any client with a Java-enabled browser.


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