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Visigenic and Microsoft Partner to Launch ODBC 3.0 on UNIX and Macintosh Platforms


Demonstrating their ongoing commitment to industry standards, Visigenic Software, Inc. announced its support for Microsoft's ODBC 3.0 Software Development Kit (SDK). Visigenic will port the ODBC 3.0 SDK to all major UNIX and Macintosh PowerPC platforms immediately following Microsoft's release. Visigenic will be one of the first companies to extend the benefits of the enhanced Microsoft specification to developers of non-Windows-based applications.

"Visigenic is unrivaled in our dedication to delivering key industry standards throughout the enterprise, dating back to our initial work through our exclusive agreement with Microsoft to port the ODBC SDK to non-Windows platforms," said Mark Hanson, president of Visigenic Software. "We expect that our customers and partners alike will immediately benefit from ODBC 3.0 SDK enhancements, because of the significant productivity improvements developers will achieve through the new functions and features provided in the ODBC 3.0 SDK."

ODBC is one of the most widely adopted client/server standards, with more than 500 commercial applications shipping today that support the specification. International Data Corporation, a Massachusetts-based market research firm, noted in their Middleware: 1996 Worldwide Markets and Trends report that, as the popularity of ODBC becomes more pervasive on the client, middleware vendors that support the interface gain additional presence in customer accounts because of the growing momentum of this trend.

Visigenic's release of the VisiODBC SDKs for non-Windows platforms will be tightly coordinated with Microsoft's own release. The company is upgrading their ODBC technology to take advantage of core ODBC 3.0 functionality which offers increased productivity for developers through:

Complete alignment with X/Open SQL Access Group and International Standards Organization (ISO) Call Level Interface (CLI) as an extension to SQL-92.

An explicit data descriptor model giving developers an easier and faster way of accessing data structures and making the data available to the user.

A richer exception and status enabling developers and end users to solve problems in a more rapid and accurate way.

Visigenic will begin shipping updated VisiODBC SDKs within 60 days of Microsoft's release of ODBC 3.0. VisiODBC SDKs support UNIX platforms including HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Solaris, as well as the Macintosh operating system, and will be completely backwards-compatible with previous releases of ODBC. Pricing for Visigenic's SDKs start at $995 for UNIX platforms and $595 for Macintosh. The company will offer a 40 percent discount on SDK upgrades to their premium support customers.


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