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Thursday April 16, 1997


Gameworld Internet Club

Adventure Online Gaming Inc. (AOG) Gameworld Internet Club, a new multiplayer Internet service that will bring live role-playing and head-to-head strategic games to players on PC, Mac, and UNIX. AOG also announced a series of strategic relationships with Sun Microsystems, Netscape Communications Corporation, Marimba, Apple, Steve Jackson Games, UandI Interactive, W3-Design, and the Business Technology Center of Los Angeles County.

Players will be able to quickly enter Gameworld via web browsers or may choose to install Adventure Online Gaming's Java application for top performance. Gameworld's unique human player-refereed role-playing games provide intelligent talking monsters and responsive plots that unfold in the fashion of a good novel or action film. The player lives the role of the character, choosing the course of action.

Gameworld offers its full collection of games to subscribers - no need to buy the expensive CD-ROM retail games required by many competitors. Adventure Online Gaming will expand Gameworld with a new game every month. Members receive the new games effortlessly: no additional fees, no active download or installation, just more fun. The highly social community of Gameworld emphasizes player involvement beyond what can be achieved in face-to-face play, and heralds the direction of future online communities. For example, Gameworld enables players to create new game scenarios and determine the direction of the world's evolution.

"An application like Gameworld very dynamically demonstrates the power of Java to create a highly entertaining and immersive experience," says Ren Moore, Sun's Market Development Manager for Electronic Commerce. "Additionally, since Adventure Online Gaming is entirely Java-based, AOG has the capability to serve PC, Mac, and UNIX users. This will allow AOG to establish a strong presence in the Mac and UNIX based online gaming population."

Tracey Stout, Director of Worldwide Advertising for Sun Microsystems, states, "Sun's collaboration with AOG marks he beginning of our relationship and has resulted in a successful advertising campaign which will benefit both our businesses."

Adventure Online Gaming makes extensive use of the NETSCAPE Internet Foundation Class (IFC) Java library in its development. "AOG's Gameworld provides a great example of the kind of next generation Java applications being built using Netscape," says Rick Schell, Netscape's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Client Product and Platform Division. AOG provides Netscape with the "Dev-Edge Champion" for the Internet Foundation Class (IFC) Java library. Through this relationship, AOG coordinates IFC developer feedback and prioritizes new feature requests for Netscape.

Members can effortlessly receive Gameworld's new games due to the incorporation Marimba's Castanet push technology. "The delivery of Gameworld's new monthly games directly to players without the need for installation or active download is an ideal application of Marimba's Castanet," says Kim Polese, President and CEO of Marimba.

Adventure Online Gaming, being one of the few Macintosh compatible online gaming networks, makes a hit with Apple. "Gameworld finally brings together the Internet with truly cross-platform entertainment," says Jay Arcos, New Media Director for Apple's MacDirectory Online. "Thanks to Gameworld we can enjoy a 'real' application for the Macintosh. Gameworld will be the meeting point for every user regardless of color, sex, belief or platform."

"I'm very excited to be working with Adventure Online Gaming," comments Steve Jackson, award-winning game designer and President of Steve Jackson Games. "Online games are the wave of the future, and the AOG system is going to grab market share quickly because it's so flexible and easy to use." Jackson is founder of one of Texas' biggest Internet Service Providers, and a member of AOG's Board. Net users know Steve Jackson Games as the company that had its BBS illegally seized by the Secret Service - and went on to challenge them in court, win damages, and set a precedent that protects online services everywhere.

Gameworld utilizes a Java front-end developed by strategic partner UandI Interactive, that enables immediate play over the Internet. UandI Executive Director Yichin Lee says, "Gameworld has opened a new window for Internet interactivity, which we believe will be the next big thing on the Net. Gameworld will be our most important alliance in bringing true interaction to the online gaming community."

The Gameworld entry and advertising management will be provided by W3-Design, a top-tier group of Web information architects. President Nick Rothenberg says, "AOG accomplishes in one very robust offering several objectives we believe are crucial to the next phase of the Web's development -- true interactivity, true community-building, smartly integrated opportunities for commerce, plus a truly entertaining experience that is certain to engage visitors like nothing else before it. Gameworld may well redefine how we all regard the experience of being online."

Adventure Online Gaming, Inc. has recently been selected as an occupant of EC2, the University of Southern California's high tech business incubator, testbed facility and development center. Selected companies are startups in the information and communication technology arena.

The Business Technology Center, a Los Angeles County high-tech incubator for start-ups, provides AOG office space and other support.

Adventure Online Gaming, Inc. Phone: (818) 796-6325 Email:




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