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Apple Releases OpenDoc 1.1, Apple Live Objects SDK


Apple Computer has just released an updated version of OpenDoc, which features speed and ease-of-use improvements for OpenDoc component software, and the Apple Live Objects Essentials Kit for Mac OS, version 1.0. All are available free with the new Software Developer Kit (SDK) 6.0 CD-ROM, which is called "DR-LIVE!" Sometime in the next week, it will be posted on the OpenDoc Web site.

OpenDoc is performance-optimized for both 680x0-based and PowerPC processor-based systems. Memory requirements have been reduced for OpenDoc technology, allowing developers to design powerful components with a smaller memory footprint. Performance is increased for functions such as document launching. In addition, OpenDoc 1.1 enhances the performance of Cyberdog, Apple's OpenDoc-based Internet suite.

Mac OS developers are a step closer to more efficient development with the release of the first Apple Live Objects Essentials Kit for Mac OS (code-named "KickStart"). This suite of OpenDoc components provides easy access to Apple's multimedia technologies. This release includes 1.0 versions of the Apple QuickDraw 3DMF Viewer and the Apple Button, which enables the embedding of sounds, speech, and Web site addresses (URLs). Final 1.0 versions of other components are scheduled to be available soon, including QuickTime; QuickTime VR; Image Viewing for PICT, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF files; editors for basic text processing and drawing functionality; and sound and text annotation. Developers will be able to license part or all of the Apple Live Objects Essentials Kit at no cost for redistribution with their software.


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