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Open Door Networks Announces Support for WebSTAR 2.0; Special Pricing, New HomeDoor Version


Open Door Networks, Inc. announced support for StarNine's newly-introduced WebSTAR 2.0 server.In addition to special pricing on its line of multi-domain products for Macintosh Web servers, Open Door also announced that it will be shipping a new version of its popular HomeDoor default home page server which takes advantage of new features of WebSTAR 2.0.

Open Door Networks also announced that a future version of HomeDoor will take advantage of new features of WebSTAR 2.0 to provide HomeDoor users with additional flexibility in implementing multi-domain Web sites. The current version of HomeDoor, which works with any Web server, provides Macintosh Webmasters with the ability to host up to 256 independent home pages and virtual domains on a single server.

Open Door Networks announced that it will ship, in the first quarter of 1997, a special plug-in version of HomeDoor for WebSTAR 2.0 which includes new features such as the ability to use a single IP address for all virtual domains and the elimination, in many cases, of the difference between what a user types into their Web browser and what is displayed in the brower's "Location" field.

Open Door Networks is the leading manufacturer of "multi-domain" products for Macintosh Internet servers. These products enable a single Internet server to provide independent services for multiple domains, greatly leveraging the investment in that server and radically simplifying overall administration and network management. Open Door today announced special pricing for anyone purchasing a WebSTAR 2.0 upgrade: $80 off HomeDoor (regularly $399), $70 off LogDoor (regularly $249) and $40 off MailDoor (regularly $139). The special pricing is good through March 1, 1997. Details..


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