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Open Horizon Delivers Mac Connectivity


Apple Computer customers can now extend Open Horizon's secure single sign-on (SSSO) solution to the Macintosh platforms. The release of Connection for Mac OS will enable Macintosh applications with enterprise-class security that includes authentication, data encryption, and secure single sign-on -- without requiring any application changes.

"Implementing a centralized security model is vital to extending a security solution across heterogeneous platforms," said Nicholas Zaldastani, president and CEO of Open Horizon. "With this release of Connection, Open Horizon will bring secure single sign-on to database applications running on the Mac that allows them to transparently access security services such as DCE and Kerberos."

"Apple is committed to an aggressive strategy that enables the Mac to play a central role with strategic business, Internet, and Intranet applications," said Steve Angelo, vice president, Enterprise Sales and Marketing at Apple. "With Connection, Apple customers will be able to painlessly integrate their Macintosh applications with robust security solutions."

Connection is a single software solution that integrates three disparate components: Macintosh applications such as PowerBuilder and PeopleSoft; relational databases that include DB2/6000, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server; and security services such as DCE and Kerberos.

The beta version is currently available, with a production version of Connection for Mac OS to be available in Q4 of 1996. This announcement brings to fruition a joint development agreement signed by the companies in May, 1996. The companies will continue to undertake joint marketing efforts.


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