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OPTIX WEB Offers Database Access Via the Internet


Blueridge Technologies, announced the availability of OPTIX WEB, a product that delivers on a long-standing industry promise to enable the search of document databases by using a Web browser. View an online demonstration of the product .

OPTIX WEB is the newest addition to the family of document management products offered by Blueridge Technologies, the leader in cross-platform document management and workflow systems. With it, businesses can publish document databases to the Internet or their company Intranets. Authorized personnel can then search and retrieve information from the published databases from anywhere in the world, from any workstation, and without the need to learn a proprietary software program.

With OPTIX WEB, businesses can publish any document that can be scanned into a computer, including: product literature, correspondence, market research documents, contracts, customer files, student records, claims applications, deeds, and medical records. Businesses can even make available files that are already on computer, like word-processing files, spreadsheets, and mainframe records (via OPTIX COLD). Once they are stored on an OPTIX system, any of these documents can be located in seconds, whether visitors are searching through a hundred thousand items or a hundred million.


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