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Internet/Intranet Client PageNOW for the WWW


Mark/Space today released PageNOW! for the Web. Joining existing gateways for QuickMail , cc:Mail, Eudora, and QuarterDeck Mail (formerly Microsoft Mail), PageNOW!/Web brings alphanumeric paging to anyone on a corporate intranet, as well as anyone in the world via the global Internet.

Ideal for mixed platform sites - Set up on a single Apple Mac running web server software (such as WebSTAR) and PageNOW! Workgroup or Enterprise Edition, and send messages from any platform running a forms-capable browser (Mac, Windows, Workstation, PDA, etc.). Users simply visit a web page, select a recipient (configured on the PageNOW! Server), enter a message and click "send". Messages can be sent from anywhere on a corporate network, or anywhere in the world.

Brian Hall, President & CEO of Mark/Space notes: "The advantages of web based client software are compelling - a single platform-neutral interface, ease of deployment/updates, and the possibility of remote access and administration. These days web terminals are becoming more and more common. It is liberating to be able to walk up to a Web terminal at a trade show or business anywhere in the world and send a page to an employee, client, or customer."

Requirements - Client: Any platform (Mac, PC, Workstation, PDA, etc.) running a forms-capable browser such as NetScape Navigator, NCSA Mosaic, or Lynx. Server: Mac running PageNOW! Workgroup or Enterprise Edition, Web server (such as WebSTAR), and PageNOW!/Web Workgroup Gateway

Pricing and Availability - PageNOW! for the Web has a suggested retail price of $695. For a limited time, copies may be ordered direct from Mark/Space at the introductory price of $495.


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