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PageNOW! for Newton & Mac Available, Download here


Mark/Space announced the availablity of a demo version of PageNow for Newton . The demo version sends messages via modem equipped Newton from Newton Out Box - Receives messages via Socket PageCard into Newton In Box - Work with unlimited pagers and services - Is fully integrated with (and requires) Newton OS 2.0

Some advanced features include: - Works as a transport - send a page from any Newton app that can route text! - Splits long messages on send - Re-combines long messages when received into a single note - Optional greeting/signature attachment to outgoing messages - Quick access menu optionally installed in Note Pad - Performs Names lookup on received numeric pages - Automatically scans PageCard for new messages when it is inserted

PageNOW! for Newton requires Newton OS 2.0. A modem is required to send messages. A Socket PageCard is required to receive messages. PageNOW! for Newton has an SRP of $79.95, and is available in 1, 5, and 10 packs.

Download demo of PageNow Newton.

Download demo of PageNow Mac.

Download demo of Communication Lite Mac.


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