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Pre-Release PageStream 3.1 for Macintosh Shipping


A minor maintenance update to the first version which was released in July 1996. The Pre-Release version does not include the printed manual and packaging of the full commercial package which will be available later this year.

SoftLogik also announced that before the full commercial package is released, PageStream will be upgraded to version 3.2 in September. This will be a free upgrade for owners of PageStream 3.1 for Macintosh. Users will be able to download a free online patch or order the update on disk for a nominal fee.

SoftLogik president Deron Kazmaier said "It might seem odd to upgrade a program before the full commercial release, and even a little crazy to give away a major upgrade, but we're new to the Mac market and I'd like to contrast our low prices and upgrade fees with those of other Mac DTP applications."

The new features that will be included in the free 3.2 upgrade are:

- Configurable Toolbar: Add and remove buttons for menu commands and scripts. Show and hide the toolbar.

- Eyedropper Tool: Copy and paste text and object attributes. Click with the Eyedropper tool to "pick up" attributes, and then click elsewhere to "paste" attributes.

- Hanging Indent button: Click this button to set the first line and left indents to automatically create a hanging indent at the next tab stop. Click again to unindent the text.

- Increase and Decrease Indent buttons: Click these buttons to indent text to the right and left.

- Default Tab Spacing. Set the default tab spacing for any block of text.

- True Pasteboard. (v3.1 has a page-specific pasteboard.)

- Open Recent: Select a document to open from the last eight documents.

- Effect filters: PageStream can now share the plug-in effect filters used by BME, the free image processor included with PageStream. Nine filters, including an autotracer, are included free with PageStream. Twelve additional filters are available separately in the Gary's Effects package ($25).

- Masks: Pictures, drawings and EPS illustrations can now be masked by any shape you can draw! Masks can also be generated automatically for pictures with white backgrounds.

- Matching script commands have been added for the above features.


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