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TruPhoto Digital Photo Printer Turns Computer Images Into Glossy Photographs


Panasonic Interactive Media introduced the Panasonic TruPhoto Digital Photo Printer, the first color printer specifically designed to produce professional quality photographs from a personal computer. Unlike other color printers, the Panasonic TruPhoto Digital Photo Printer does not use ribbons, inks, dyes, toner or chemicals, and does not produce any waste material. Instead, the Panasonic TruPhoto Digital Photo Printer utilizes an advanced paper technology called Thermo-Autochrome that produces a standard-sized (3.5 x 5 inch) glossy photographic image at about the same cost as traditional instant photography.

The Panasonic TruPhoto Digital Photo Printer also includes PhotoSuite software for PCs and Mac. This powerful graphics application can be used to edit and store digital photos, scanned images and downloaded graphics from a photo CD, floppy disk or the Internet, as well as prepare them for printing. Fast, simple and effective, the Panasonic TruPhoto Digital Photo Printer is the first alternative to traditional color printers that produces quality photographic images exclusively on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of paper.

TruPhoto photographs combine the familiarity of glossy snapshots with the convenience of digital photography to deliver high-quality images in a fraction of the time required by photo developers.

The Panasonic TruPhoto Digital Photo Printer with PhotoSuite image editor software will be available later this month with a suggested retail price of $499.95. For additional information about Panasonic Interactive products, contact Panasonic Interactive Media at 1-888-PANAPIM.


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