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ParaGraph Announces First Macintosh VRML 2.0 Authoring Solution


ParaGraph International, Inc. announced immediate availability of its award-winning Virtual Home Space Builder (VHSB) software for 680X0 and PowerPC Macintosh systems. VHSB is the market leading VRML authoring software, as the Windows version is expected to sell over 125,000 copies in 1996. VHSB for the Mac is available from ParaGraph's web site or by calling (800) 810-0055, for $29.95 as a download or $49.95 on CD ROM. VHSB Mac will be publicly demonstrated for the first time at Internet World in ParaGraph's booth (#3465), and will be available for purchase at the show.

VHSB is the first VRML 2.0 compliant authoring software for Mac OS-based webmasters and content creators -- allowing anyone to create rich, 3D/multimedia Web sites that are fully compliant with the VRML 2.0 specification. No VRML coding experience is necessary -- VHSB is a fully object-oriented program with an intuitive user-interface that allows easy creation of rich 3D environments on the Web.

Worlds built using VHSB can be viewed with any standard VRML 2.0 plugin or ActiveX control in browsers such as Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Computer's Cyberdog. The VRML 2.0 format is compatible with every major OS and computer platform, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and UNIX. VRML 2.0 browser components currently available include Silicon Graphics' Cosmo Player, Sony's Community Place Browser, Netscape's Live3D and Intervista Software's WorldView 2.0 with more scheduled to appear in the next few months.

VHSB for the Mac includes a wide range of integrated multimedia functionality to enhance a user's web site, including:

  • Digital Images
  • Animations
  • Digital Video
  • Sound
  • Text
  • Hypertext linking to connect any object to any Home Page on the World Wide Web
  • An extremely fast rendering engine to view spaces in real time as they are built

VHSB includes a large library of textures, pictures, animations, sounds and sample 3D spaces to help users quickly create rich multimedia environments. A simple 'Publish' function creates a complete VRML distribution package that can easily be uploaded to users' Web sites. Potential bandwidth issues on slow modem connections are addressed through sophisticated texture tiling that give spaces authored with VHSB a richly textured appearance using very small (10 KB) textures.

As a PowerPC-native application, VHSB takes full advantage of the inherently superior floating point performance of the Mac's RISC-based architecture for outstanding 3D performance. In keeping with ParaGraph's commitment to providing solutions for all Mac users, VHSB 2.0 for the Mac is a 'fat' binary that also runs on 68040 machines with a minimum of 8 MB of memory.

Quotes: "Virtual Home Space Builder brings the power of VRML 2.0 authoring to the Macintosh platform," said John Alfano, Digital Space Program Manager for Apple Computer, Inc. "With over 75% of all web sites authored on Macintosh, VHSB should find a welcome reception from the millions of Mac content creators who can expand their repertoire to include VRML-compliant 3D web sites."

"Macintosh is the industry's premier authoring solution for multimedia and we are firmly committed to Apple and the Mac OS platform," said Gregory Slayton, President of ParaGraph International, Inc. "We plan to aggressively support the Mac with all of our future product offerings as simultaneous releases with our Windows software and we consider Apple to be one of our most important long-term partners. Mac users demand the highest-quality authoring tools and VHSB delivers on all counts -- VRML is the future and the Mac is going to play a big part in it."

VHSB 2.0, for Macintosh and Windows is available for purchase from ParaGraph's Web site for the f $29.95 (download version) or as a hybrid Macintosh and Windows CD-ROM for $49.95. All products may be obtained from ParaGraph's Web Site or by calling (800)810-0055.


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