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Power Computing and Adaptec Join Forces


Adaptec announced today that Power Computing, will offer Adaptec's PowerDomain 2940UW accelerator card with its line of desktop, minitower and tower computers. This high-performance option uses Adaptec's award-winning PCI and SCSI technology, creating a high-performance I/O solution ideal for Macintosh users.

The PowerDomain 2940UW for the Power Macintosh is a single channel Fast, Wide and Ultra accelerator card for connecting and simultaneously supporting SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 devices. It has a SCSI transfer rate of 40MBytes/second, so users can exploit new, faster UltraSCSI disk drives and standard SCSI devices. During digital video and prepress work large file transfers can interrupt or slow application performance. Adaptec's UltraSCSI solutions lets users create, output and distribute documents and images faster than standard Fast/Wide SCSI I/O.

"This is a perfect solution for Macintosh users involved in publishing, prepress and digital video," said Jim Miller, Adaptec marketing manager for RISC-based markets. "We're committed to making Adaptec the leading supplier of RISC-based PCI I/O solutions."

"Power Computing is pleased to partner with Adaptec to develop the latest I/O technology for the Mac OS platform," said Bill Goins, director of product --more-- marketing at Power Computing. "Products like Adaptec's PowerDomain 2940UW allow us to create a high-performance and affordable Ultra SCSI/RAID solution that is attractive to the prepress and digital video markets."


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