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Pro Digital Audio Editor For Mac Only, Download Demo here


Peak , a new digital audio editor from Berkley Integrated Audio Software is unlike anything else out there! We've been excited to see the Mac's improving i/o and processing capabilities lead to supercharged editing and processing for audio pros without additional hardware. It has unlimited undo/redo, runs native on 68k and Power Macintosh, supports a wide range of audio file formats, supports MIDI samplers and has a wide range of built in effects. You can also use Adobe Premiere plug-in effects with it, several of which are available from WAVES, InVision Interactive, and Arboretum Systems.

Peak, received 4 mice from MacUser, and great endorsements from other reviews including MacWorld, Digital Video Magazine, Electronic Musician, Mix Magazine, and Recording Magazine just to name a few. Paul Lehrman writes in reviewing Peak for UK Sound On Sound Magazine, September, 1996:

"Although they're a small company, Berkley Integrated Audio Software has come out with a big, big product. Peak does more than simply clear away the cobwebs that have accumulated in the Macintosh sound-editing world from several years of neglect; it's an exciting, innovative, thoroughly up-to-date program that will greatly help the Mac in its struggle to maintain its long-standing, but endangered, superiority as a creative tool... If you're serious about sound editing, whether for composition, effects design, multimedia, or MIDI samplers, you will want Peak."

Download Peak demo.


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