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PelicanWare Announces Integrated Spreadsheet for the New Apple eMate 300


PelicanWare, Inc. announced a new version of its QuickFigure Pro spreadsheet application for the Apple eMate 300. QuickFigure EM is an integrated part of the built-in Newton Works application that will allow the student or educator to create full featured spreadsheets and graphs on the Apple eMate.

"The eMate is a fantastic platform for providing learning tools to students and educators," said Don Vollum, PelicanWare, Inc., president. "We share Apple's commitment to bring the best possible tools to the classroom."

Students need easy-to-use technology such as the Apple eMate to learn the computing and productivity skills they need for lifelong success. QuickFigure EM enhances the eMate's capabilities as a tool for discovery and problem solving. It gives students and educators a powerful tool for gathering, organizing, calculating, and communicating data. Students can learn to analyze math problems and solve them using QuickFigure EM's simple and intuitive formulas. Their results can be viewed as a worksheet table or graphically with the charting and graphing tool. QuickFigure EM supports all of the Apple eMate's communications and networking abilities, allowing students to communicate their data to a desktop computer, their teacher, or to each other.

PelicanWare is a leading developer of productivity solutions the Newton platform, and is proud to extend its support for Newton Intelligence to the Apple eMate.


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