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QuickFigure Pro Enhanced for the Apple MessagePad 2000

PelicanWare, Inc. / announced QuickFigure Pro 3.1 for the new Apple MessagePad 2000. QuickFigure Pro 3.1 utilizes the MessagePad 2000's new 160 MHz StrongARM processor, larger screen size, and enhanced user interface to bring unprecedented computing power and spreadsheet capability to the Newton platform.

"The StrongARM processor has really increased the speed and performance of QuickFigure Pro," said Don Vollum, PelicanWare, Inc., president. "Version 3.1 gives the mobile professional a full featured spreadsheet solution on a powerful, affordable, and highly mobile platform".

QuickFigure Pro 3.1 adds many new features including a larger spreadsheet size, additional "fill" options, and support for drag and drop. Also included is a new version of the QuickFigure Exchange application that tightly integrates with Excel and allows seamless data sharing with Macintosh or Windows computers. The charting and graphing tool has also been enhanced and supports the MessagePad 2000's new gray scale capability, allowing the creation of graphic reports in 16 shades of gray.

Version 3.1 includes all of the features of previous versions including over 70 math, scientific, statistical, date, and financial functions, support for conditional statements, sorting, matrix solver, worksheet linking, "lookup" functions, templates, label locking, worksheet password protection, and support for the external keyboard.

Julienne Flanagin,

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