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Wall Street Journal, Reported That Employees At Apple, At&T, And IBM Together Have Visited The Penthouse Web Site For More Than 347 Eight-hour Days


Net Shepherd Inc. announced that it will address the world's largest Internet show in New York City later this month to discuss issues which have been troubling the Internet community since 1995. Organizers of ``Fall Internet World'' have asked Net Shepherd's Executive Vice-president of Technology, Ron Warris, to offer a fresh perspective on issues concerning Internet censorship, business productivity and one-to-one marketing.

Recognized as an expert in Internet content rating and filtering solutions, Mr. Warris will speak to conference attendees about three important issues facing Internet users today: protection for children, increasing business productivity and one-on-one direct marketing.

Globally, governments are becoming more concerned about inappropriate Internet content and as a result, have started to impose restrictions on the Internet. Proposed legislation by the German government may hold Internet Service Providers legally responsible for restricting access to obscene material on the Internet. CompuServe recently announced that it may transfer its European headquarters out of Germany, as a result (New York Times, Nov. 19, 1996). Such legislation shows the urgent need for the Internet community to address concerns about Internet content selection. Unless the Internet community can provide some way to self-regulate content, governments will turn to legislation to restrict and censor the Internet.

With employee Internet misuse becoming a more critical issue, businesses require some way to access the power of the Internet without compromising productivity. Nielsen Media Research's recent finding, printed in the Wall Street Journal, reported that employees at Apple, AT&T; and IBM together have visited the Penthouse Web site for more than 347 eight-hour days in a single month. This reflects the need for better management of Internet use in the business environment. The business community needs to be able to maximize their employees' time spent on the web so the Internet can be a useful tool in business.

Net Shepherd Inc. is the only company in the world to approach Internet Content Selection by empowering the users of the Internet to self-regulate access through collaborative and democratic rating. Net Shepherd has developed the infrastructure for an enabling technology to protect children against inappropriate material on the World Wide Web. As a total solutions provider, Net Shepherd Inc. is working with the business community to increase productivity on the World Wide Web, as well as working to build the framework to bring advertisers and consumers together through one-to-one marketing.

Net Shepherd is presently rating and classifying the entire WWW as indexed by Alta Vista, a major Internet search engine, using Net Shepherd's advanced technology, statistical analysis, and rating and classification methodology. This initiative will be completed by March 1, 1997. Mr. Warris will be speaking at Internet World in New York City on December 12, 1996. His presentation will be posted on Net Shepherd's Web site .

Net Shepherd Inc. recognizes several key factors to insuring success in the marketplace. Best-of-breed technology, market-focused development and strategic alliances with key technology companies is positioning Net Shepherd Inc. as the premier provider of Internet Content Selection services in North America and Europe.


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