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Mobile Workers Given Simplified, Platform Independent Remote Access To Corporate Lans


Perle Systems, announced the addition of Macintosh ARA (AppleTalk Remote Access) functionality and full support of all major Point-to-Point (PPP) protocols for its Perle 833 remote access servers giving remote dial-in users simplified access to LAN-based mission critical applications and data.

"Both these features offer greater value and more connectivity options for linking our remote dial-in users, from anywhere in the world, into their corporate networks," said Al Davies, product manager for the Perle 833. "We've made the Perle 833 a seamless remote access server solution by adhering to third party PPP and Macintosh ARA standards. It really doesnt matter what software platform you've standardized on Apple, Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT, the Perle 833 will keep users connected," he added.

AppleTalk Network Accessibility

With ARA support, mobile Macintosh and Powerbook users can dial into a Perle 833 and access their AppleTalk networks regardless of location. Once on the network users can act like a direct node on the LAN with access to mission critical applications and data including support for AppleShare file servers, networked laser printers, and popular electronic mail software packages such as cc:Mail, MS-Mail, QuickMail, and Lotus Notes. Connected Powerbook users can also take advantage of software tools such as Farallon System's Timbuktu Pro allowing for remote manipulation of networked computers.

Full PPP Interoperability

By supporting full PPP interoperability, the Perle 833 allows mobile workers to leverage their existing software investments in programs such as Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT, Internet Explorer, and Netscape's Personal Edition which have PPP capabilities to access online services and LAN-based applications. Perle 833 users can now use their own existing client software to facilitate dial-in access. This is a simple cost-effective way to reduce rollout costs or reinstallation expenses of proprietary software solutions in the event they are not needed.

Software Availability

ARA support will be available as a free upgrade to registered Perle 833 customers. Customers wishing to upgrade are asked to telephone 1-800-GO PERLE. They can also download their free software upgrade and access the latest information on the Perle 833 by contacting Perle's home page at User manuals for all software upgrades are also available at a nominal cost. Third party PPP support is already available and accessible from existing client software.

About the Perle 833

Available in 2, 4, 8-port Ethernet and Token Ring models, the Perle 833 remote access servers are capable of handling throughputs of up to 115 Kbps on each port. Powered by a RISC processor, the Perle 833 line offers exceptional value to remote PC and notebook users by providing access to network resources using inexpensive, high-speed modems or ISDN terminal adapters.

Warranty, Support and Maintenance

The Perle 833 comes with a standard one year warranty which includes overnight replacement to registered users. An optional on-site maintenance contract can also be purchased at a reduced rate during this period. Unlimited technical phone support is available to customers on free-phone numbers in over 30 countries around the world. At the end of the warranty period, over night replacement or on-site maintenance contracts are available for purchase.


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