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Editors of The online MacinStuff Times Perplexed


As you are all aware we are trying to update our site, and make some changes and additions. The mail that we have received has been mixed and we are confused as to the direction the redesign should take. We want all our readers to be happy, but this is of course impossible. Try getting 1,700 people in a room and get them to agree to something, nearly impossible. You are a very vocal group, comments that we have received so far have been from extremely favorable to extremely negative.

We urge you to remember that change is good, though not always easy to accept. MacinStuff wants our changes to be for the better, not worse.

To support the efforts and escalating costs of publishing we must recruit some sponsors or charge for subscription. We have decided the latter is not currently an option, and we are currently soliciting sponsors for advertising. We aim to accept only Premiere Macintosh sponsors.

"The online MacinStuff Times" has been a labor of love, I have been doing this for 4 1/2 months with absolutely no compensation, except for seeing over 125,000 readers flock to MacinStuff. The hard costs are now exceeding $600 per month. This does not include, software, or hardware costs and the time and effort (from a few people) daily that is put into this endeavor. I have personally spent over 1,200 hours working on this FREE service that I have been giving to the Macintosh Community.

Please help me in deciding the future of this publication. The WWW belongs to all of us, and so does "The online MacinStuff Times."

Comments and support are welcome.



David S. Josephson


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