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Pictorius Promises Tool Kit Will Simplify Creation Of CGI's


Pictorius Inc. plans to ship next month a product that will let Web developers construct CGIs without having to work with text-based code.

Expected Nov. 1, the Pictorius CGI Toolkit will let users write, compile, test and deploy CGIs. The product will be based on the company's Prograph CPX environment and contain an integrated development environment with an editor-debugger, an interpreter, and 680x0 and PowerPC compilers. Although it will work with any Mac Web server, the tool kit will also come with Pictorius' Web server, Net Servers as well as an HTML editor and five premade CGIs.

Most developers currently create CGIs in text-based languages such as PERL, AppleScript, UserLand Frontier or C. With Prograph CPX, users will build diagrams containing executable code, so they do not have to learn more-complex coding. The company said developing with the CGI Toolkit is considerably faster than using PERL or AppleScript.

Pictorius said another key feature of the environment will be its capability to write code and run it while watching the results in the browser. The built-in editor-debugger will let users edit code, roll back changes or change input values while the application is running.

The product will not edit scripts created in other languages, although the C tool that comes with the $295 Prograph CPX environment can convert CGIs written in C into Prograph.The Pictorius CGI Toolkit will cost $149.


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