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Pictorius Introduces New CGI Toolkit


Pictorius announced at their Developer's Conference the Pictorius CGI Toolkit, a new product designed especially for Web developers looking for an easier and faster way to create CGIs (Common Gateway Interface) and ACGIs (Asynchronous CGI) for their Mac-based Web sites.

The Pictorius CGI Toolkit includes the CGI development environment, Pictorius Net Servers and an award-winning, shareware HTML Editor so users have everything they need to write, compile, test and deploy CGIs in one package. Sample CGIs are included to help users get started. The Pictorius CGI Toolkit is also compatible with other Mac-based Web servers that support CGIs and ACGIs, including WebStar.

With the Pictorius CGI Toolkit, Web developers can interactively write, test and debug CGIs using a high speed interpreter while the application, the Web server and a browser are all running on one system. Any portion of the source code can be changed while the application is running. Once the CGI is functioning properly, Web developers simply compile it with either the 68K or PowerMac compiler and their CGI is ready to deploy.

The unique, integrated editor/debugger included with the Pictorius CGI Toolkit makes it a rapid development environment. The developer creates the CGI logic, then switches to debug mode with full roll back/forward capabilities, for step-through execution, making it easy for Web developers to find and correct errors during execution.

Key Features

  • Write CGIs and run them simultaneously while watching the results in the browser
  • Allows editing of code and input on-the-fly
  • Automatic handling of AppleEvents so users concentrate on building functionality - Delivers compact compiled code for 68k or native Power Mac
  • Includes Pictorius Net Servers and an HTML Editor; everything needed to develop CGIs in one package
  • Includes 5 pre-written, ready-to-use CGIs:
    1) Hit Counter (count the visitors to a site)
    2) Mortgage Calculator (good example of forms and calculations)
    3) Random Image (great for Web banners)
    4) Random Re-Direct (generate a random URL)
    5) Screen Shot (remotely take a picture of Web server status)

    Tthe Pictorius CGI Toolkit is $149 US. Customers can order the CGI Toolkit directly from Pictorius at 1-800-927-4847. Outside North America, please call +1 (902) 492-2880 ext. 246.


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