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PictureWorks Demonstrates NetCard Gives Students a NewWay to Communicate


PictureWorks Technology Inc. announced a new Internet software technology combining text, images, video, and sound with traditional electronic mail (email).

It is being used by California students in a NetDay '96 demonstration of Internet communications between schools in the same district and across the country.

The technology, named iMail (image mail), by PictureWorks enables students to not only exchange text based messages, but add digital images collected from digital cameras, scanners, photos on CD, or video as well as voice recording to create a whole new communications experience never before achieved.

The iMail product, called PictureWorks NetCard, helps students to share ideas, activities and cultures with other students around the world. Bay Area schools using PictureWorks NetCard include: Mission High School in San Francisco and John Baldwin Elementary in Danville.

"The Internet provides more benefits than just surfing Web sites -- it is evolving into a two-way interaction and exchange of information between people around the world," said Don Strickland, president and CEO of PictureWorks. "For students, iMail communications starts with simple electronic exchanges between schools and pen pals. We hope this technology will nurture the ongoing sharing of ideas, cultures and images that will bond children in the U.S. and around the world."

A NetCard is a two-sided document resembling a postcard: side one holds a digital image, video and sound and side two is reserved for text messages and email addresses. The receiver of a NetCard requires no special software so compatibility issues are minimal. The sender can add any image into a NetCard and simply email it using their current email software to friends and coworkers across the hall or around the world.

In addition, a NetCard can be viewed more than once, stored on any system, and routed to other users. PictureWorks' NetCard works with the most popular email software currently available.

A special NetDay 96 offer, PictureWorks will provide the NetCard product free to the first 500 qualified schools that contact the company. The product will become available in November. Schools can fax their requests on school letterhead to PictureWorks at 510/855-2019. Schools can contact PictureWorks at 800/303-5400 or visit their Web site .

PictureWorks Technologies Inc., is a software company focusing on color digital images for novice to expert computer users. The company provides its award-winning and easy to use PhotoEnhancer Plus and PhotoEnhancer Special Fun to leading digital camera and scanner companies including Kodak, Visitar, Apple and Epson.


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