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PledgeMaker for Macintosh, Fund Raising Software based on Oracle


SofTrek, lwas formed to provide Oracle based, state-of-the-art software to the fund raising community. Oracle, the world's premier database, allows for rapid and flexible access to all information. PledgeMaker for Macintosh is the only native client server Oracle solution available for Non Profits today. This means that MAC users will not be slowed down by Terminal Emulation and ODBC connections. Native Oracle and Macintosh design allow MAC users to take full advantage of the speed and flexibility of Oracle.

PledgeMaker is a sophisticated system that provides a centralized database surrounded by a number of modules. Integrated donation, pledge and membership management includes full featured receivables with billing and adjustments processing. Additional modules include: Direct Mail, Major Gifts, Alumni Tracking, Contact Management, Corporate and Foundation Tracking, Special Events, Volunteer Tracking, Subscriptions and Order Entry. Modules are accessed by icons that allow all departments to communicate and share information.

By not taking a cookie cutter approach, PledgeMaker offers consultation for creating enhancements and incorporating business rules and specialized reports into the body of the package. Our exclusive use of "data triggers" allows automatic updating based on your unique processing requirements.

Available across Macintosh, PC and UNIX platforms, PledgeMaker supports NT, Novell, UNIX and Vax servers. Clients supported include: Macintosh (PowerPC and 68K), Windows 3.1, Windows-95 and NT. Client server architecture allows workstations to be mixed and matched on any network.


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