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FastMap and Jon's Collection of Plugins Page


Jon's Collection of Plugins Page details all of the current plugins that he has written for WebStar. It contains pointers to the plugins, descriptions of the plugins and their version information.

FastMap is a WebStar plugin for handling serverside NCSA imagemaps. Because it is a acting as a WebStar plugin it is extremely fast.

Special Features include:

Very stable code base (this is a 1.0 release, not a beta).

It is a PPC native and 68k FAT plugin.

Extremely fast execution.

Automatic suffix/action configuration in webstar for ".map" files.

304 Not Modified headers get sent if there is no default and someone clicks on a point not in the map file.

304 Not Modified headers get sent if the default is the same as the referer (default must be a FULL uri, ie: http://blah.....). (this makes it so that the browser won't reload the page from the server, just a cool little feature).

Support for the "point" map type. ie: point url x,y (it will match closest to that point if nothing else (circle, poly, rect) matches)


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