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Olympics on the World Wide Web


PointCast Introduces First-Ever Olympic News Broadcast Over the Internet; Up-to-the-minute, 24-hour Summer Games coverage now available on the PointCast Network

The new channel lets viewers track the latest Olympic news out of Atlanta by broadcasting up-to-the-minute results and information directly to their computer screen. This dynamic, graphically-rich channel will contain all the personalization and functional features of other PointCast channels. The PointCast Network can be downloaded for free, ONLY THERE IS NO MACINTOSH VERSION YET. A beta is supposed to be released this summer?

In addition to regular channels on the PointCast Network - News, Companies, Industries, Weather, Sports, Lifestyle, and more - Olympic fans from around the world will soon enjoy continuously updated, real-time results from Atlanta, broadcasted to their computer whenever they are not using it for work. Viewers no longer have to surf web sites or wait for television, radio or newspaper reports to get the latest Olympic news and information.

"For the first time, PointCast Network viewers can receive 24-hour Olympic news and information from Atlanta without having to explore slow, oversubscribed web sites," said Chris Hassett, PointCast president and CEO. "Like television, the PointCast Network automatically broadcasts the Olympic news as it happens and presents it to our viewers' computer screens as each event unfolds."

Comprehensive Summer Games Coverage

The Summer Games Channel, which will begin broadcasting the week of July 15th and will continue through August, is the result of an intense engineering and design effort. Viewers will be able to select any of the 33 different Olympic events they wish to track, receiving content from internationally known wire sources as Reuters and SportsTicker. Some of the channel's special features include:

-- Daily results and roundups

-- Television and event schedules

-- Medal tallies by event and by country

-- News summaries

-- Feature articles

PointCast Network viewers can access their Olympic news and information in three ways:

SmartScreen Delivery. Patent pending SmartScreen technology automatically replaces uninformative screen savers with up-to-the- minute Olympic news and information. Viewers will see the Summer Games SmartScreen running alongside all the other PointCast Network SmartScreens.

ChannelViewer. By clicking on a headline in the Summer Game's SmartScreen, viewers can read more detailed information from Atlanta, such as full text stories, schedules, medal winners, features and more.

Update Animation. With the click of a button, viewers can launch an animated, continuous presentation of current Olympic news and results.

Automatic Client Software Upgrades

A single click will make the Summer Games channel available to current PointCast viewers during the week of July 15th. Viewers will receive a message on their screen that a new version is available. If they accept this new version, which includes the Summer Games channel, PointCast's exclusive automatic update technology will upgrade the software in less than a minute. This eliminates the need for viewers to track versions and perform manual installations. Viewers who choose to download the PointCast Network from the Company's website at after July 15th will automatically receive the Summer Games channel.


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