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Political GOO, MetaTools Contest to Create Ideal Cyber Candidate


You can't necessarily change the candidate's views, but you can change the view of the candidates this election season. Whether it's all right and no left, or all eyes and ears but no mouth, KAI'S POWER GOO from MetaTools Inc. lets you create your ideal cyber candidate.

To encourage people to get involved this election season, MetaTools, Inc. is sponsoring POLITICAL GOO, a World Wide Web contest that gives the America public an opportunity to have some creative and politically expressive fun. Using KAI'S POWER GOO, an award-winning creative entertainment software tool, wannabe political pundits now have the power to take a picture of a political figure and with smearing, smudging, stretching, growing, moving and shrinking tools, put their own political spin on the election.

The contest is currently being held on MetaTools web site,, and will conclude on election day, November 5, 1996. Contestants can first download a special campaign edition of KAI'S POWER GOO from the web site and then choose one of the seven images from the campaign photo library, including President Clinton, Bob Dole and Ross Perot, and start GOOing. Entries will be judged by experts selected from the news, graphic design and entertainment industries based on the following criteria: Creativity/Artistic Merit (50%), Originality (30%), and Humor (20%).

Once GOOs are complete, contestants can submit their entries to the judges via MetaTools' web site or on a floppy disk and be eligible to win prizes including a trip to Washington DC, a Kodak DC 20 digital camera and MetaTools graphic design software.

"With Political GOO, Americans can express themselves politically and artistically during the '96 Presidential election season," said John Wilczak, company founder and CEO, MetaTools, Inc. "We invite contestants to put their own political spin on the election." The full retail version of Kai's Power GOO gives you the tools to stretch, grow, animate, fuse images or apply a host of other special effects in real time and also includes CD-ROM image galleries that include kids, animals, as well as world leaders and politicians. Images can also be imported from a variety of sources including: 35 mm film transferred to CD-ROM or diskette, digital cameras, scanners, capture devices, video recorders, or the World Wide Web.

Progressive transformations of GOOed images can be easily dropped into a real-time animation that transforms the original still image into comical, movie-like GOOvie sequences.

Kai's Power GOO is available on CD-ROM for both PC and Macintosh at leading national software retailers, national consumer electronics retailers and a full compliment of regional retailers for a street price of $49.95.


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