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Portable Software Leads Industry With Support for Corporate Intranets


Recognizing the tremendous growth and potential of corporate intranets for maintaining enterprise-wide applications, Portable Software Corp. announced its intention to augment its current travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management software to utilize corporate intranets. With this announcement, Portable Software advances its commitment to providing the most completely automated and integrated T&E expense management solution for global operations.

Portable Software's intranet-enabled version of its best-selling Xpense Management Solution (XMS) software can be installed on corporate Web servers, and utilize familiar Web browsers to create, manage and approve expense reports while centralizing administration of overall T&E expense management. The use of corporate intranets is growing rapidly, not only as a way to communicate with global employees, but as a way to control costs by more efficiently managing the distribution and implementation of software. With an intranet-enabled T&E expense management solution, companies will have an efficient way to administer policies and processes, regardless of the location or operating system of the business traveler.

"The intranet version of XMS is the first true business application brought to the corporate intranet that affects the majority of a corporation's workforce. We are extremely excited to provide corporations with an intranet T&E expense management solution that solves the challenges of software distribution, implementation and maintenance of a corporation's workforce." said Steve Singh, president and CEO of Portable Software. Easy Access and Automation Regardless of Location Portable Software's intranet T&E expense management solution will, through the use of the industry standard Web browsers -- Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer -- expand support of XMS to multiple operating system environments, including Macintosh, OS/2 and multiple varieties of Unix. By utilizing a corporation's intranet and their standard browser, the intranet version of XMS eliminates the escalating need for additional desktop memory and hard-disk space requirements often needed for today's business applications.

Employees connected via the in-house server will use Web browsers, while disconnected or mobile professionals have the choice of using Web browsers or the existing Windows version for creating, submitting and approving expense reports. Most companies are expected to use some combination of the intranet version and the Windows version. Both the intranet version and Windows version work seamlessly together. Portable Software's intranet-enabled products will be built using Sun Microsystem's Java programming language and industry standard HTML.

The intranet version of XMS will also work with a corporation's Web server of choice, including those from Microsoft, Netscape, O'Reilly and more. Portable Software expects its intranet-ready T&E expense management solution to be available for testing by several of its Fortune 100 clients by second quarter 1997. "The intranet version of XMS is another example of Portable Software's dedication to turn leading edge technology into useful business solutions. In fact, the Portable Software intranet solution is not only the first T&E expense management solution for the corporate intranet, our customers believe it may be the first viable enterprise-wide business application for the web." said Singh.


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