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Network Sound & Light, Inc. announced Postcards from the Net, a consumer software application for creating and sending personalized e-mail postcards.

The software runs on Macintosh, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

Postcards from the Net offers users "virtual stationery" for a broad range of communications. It can be used to create everything from quick thank-you notes and spontaneous invitations to thinking-of-you cards.

"Postcards from the Net gives everyday e-mail users a fun and friendly way to communicate with family, friends and coworkers," says Chris Gant, co-founder and President of Network Sound & Light. "It's an affordable accessory that enormously enriches e-mail the Internet's `killer app' that is exploding in popularity."

Network Sound and Light is setting its sights on the modem as the new point of sale and will be distributing all its products on-line. Most content libraries will be priced between $9.95 and $19.95.

In addition, Postcards from the Net is being bundled in the Epson America, Inc., Internet Sampler Pak, which is included with Epson's flashy new PhotoPC 500 digital camera, announced last week. "With the PhotoPC 500, you can take a picture, import it into a postcard and then e-mail it to a friend or family member in a matter of minutes," said Gant.

More libraries in the works

Network Sound & Light is counting on the free trial version to spur demand for more images. The first plug-in library is titled Retro a collection of nostalgic black & white photos, banners and borders showing people in love, having fun and having a bad day. Retro is available now at an introductory price of $9.95 from the Company's web site and AtOnce.

A series of niche libraries that appeal to the diversity of e-mail users is planned, including collections by artists and photographers as well as holiday and themed libraries. The average size is only 500k, so they can be downloaded quickly, even with a 14.4k modem.

Technical stuff

The digital cards created with Postcards from the Net are automatically saved as JPEG image files. Users simply send the postcard file as an attachment to a regular e-mail message. Postcard recipients who utilize Netscape Navigator or America Online for checking their e-mail will find the postcard automatically displayed within the body of the message. Recipients who do not have a JPEG compatible e-mail application can send an e-mail message to Network Sound & Light to receive a small JPEG viewer application via auto-responder.

Download Postcards from the Net.

The Postcards from the Net application works with special "plug-in" libraries of images and graphics. The free trial version of Postcards from the Net includes a sampler library. There are colorful birthday cards, floral notecards, invitations and even "flames" for use in the internet tradition of correcting users who have breached on-line etiquette. Users can also import their own digital pictures into the postcard templates


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