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Combine Pictures, Graphics & Text Gives you "Postcards from the Net", Download here


"Postcards from the Net", an application that enables people VERY easily and VERY quickly to combine pictures, graphics and text to create digital postcards. These are automatically saved out as JPEGs, handed off to the user's e-mail application, and sent as attachments. An easy photo import tool lets you scale/crop/drop pix of your kids, dog, car whatever into the templates. Postcard files are small -- ~15k-40k, depending on the image.

To start out, we're distributing our core software and a content sampler on the Web.

For Mac users who do their mail with Claris , Eudora, AOL 2.6 or 2.7, AppleScript makes the handoff from our app to the mailer seamless. is particularly nice because it handles the file attachment encoding issues so well across different online services -- situations where attachments can be problematic for the average user.

For postcard recipients doing their mail with AOL, Netscape, or Explorer, displaying the card is simple and automatic, thanks to built-in JPEG viewers. For peopoe who don't have a JPEG, we make a small (~70k) JPEG viewer available via auto-responder.

Their schtick: e-mail is the killer app, and people want and need ways to communicate more expressively than they can using one-font-fits-all ASCII text. Most people don't have the time or inclination to do this kind of thing in PhotoShop or whatever. These cards are a whole different model from the many Web postcard sites that rely on both sender and recipient "going" somewhere; our Postcards can be created and viewed off-line, and they're just *in* your mail. We've left the narrow world of greeting cards behind, and are creating "virtual stationery" for every communication need and, eventually, for every group of Internet users. Think of our planned series of titles as $10-15 fashion accessories for your e-mail.


Download "Postcards from the Net"

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