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If there are any Mac users that are thirsting for a publication that will provide a professional commentary on architecture, art, and/or design, then look no further than the new eVO Although eVO has been revamped in its style, content, and format, it remains a stalwart champion of the virtues of the Macintosh for addressing the visual requirements of the professional designer.

In this inaugural issue of the "new" eVO, you will find:

o An addendum to our awarding of our first WebWOW award to the Apple Computer PowerBook 190cs. o A review of Delta Tao's Strategic Conquest 4.0. o A review of "The CAD Rating Guide." o How does Microsoft pronounce MSNBC? o A review of "Wright Sites" [Frank Lloyd Wright, that is]

Even though we've made these significant improvements to eVO, our Web site address remains the same.


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