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PowerMenu v1.1, Open Selected Files In The Finder Into Any Specific Apps, Download here


PowerMenu v1.1 helps in alleviating frustrations with desktop aliases and "launch-pad" programs.

From PowerMenu read me file: "Rumor has it that MacOS 8's Finder will include a pop-up menu for performing operations on selected items (like Open, Print, Delete, etc). Windows 95 already has a similar feature. PowerMenu outdoes both of them by providing these functions as well as the unique ability to open selected files in the Finder directly into any specific application. Opening a SimpleText document in Microsoft Word, for example, is a simple two-click operation: select the document, pop up the menu and choose "Word". No more messing with dozens of desktop aliases that easily get covered by open windows or "launch pad" programs. Do this in front of a Win95 user and watch them turn green."

PowerMenu allows users to maintain a list of "Quick Access Items" that's available from a popup menu inside any application. It keeps frequently used items in a fully hierarchical menu you can open instantly.

PowerMenu is customizable and is optimized for both Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers

PowerMenu is $10US shareware.

The Japanese version of PowerMenu will be included with next month's MacUser Japan issue.

Download PowerMenu.


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