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Powersoft Releases Mac Version of PowerBuilder 5.0


The Powersoft Development Tools Division of Sybase Inc. released the Macintosh version of PowerBuilder Enterprise 5.0. This release delivers PowerBuilder 5.0's award-winning features, including distributed application capabilities, compiled code and support for building Internet or intranet applications, to the Macintosh platform. With Solaris, Macintosh and Windows versions, PowerBuilder 5.0 enables developers to exploit the collective power of open, distributed, heterogeneous computing environments.

Powersoft also released a new desktop edition of PowerBuilder 5.0 for the Macintosh. Like its Windows counterpart, PowerBuilder Desktop 5.0 for Macintosh enables new and experienced developers to create powerful and efficient standalone and workgroup applications.

"I've been very impressed with the Macintosh version of PowerBuilder 5.0," said Christina Morrissey, systems analyst at Ken Cook Co., a technical publishing company that provides complete document management and order fulfillment services. "PowerBuilder tackled the cross-platform problem we were struggling with, and has genuinely delivered the type of environment that developers find intuitive. Virtually no additional code was necessary to deploy Macintosh applications with PowerBuilder to another platform. That alone saved us months of development time."

Support for Open, Heterogeneous Computing Environments

PowerBuilder 5.0 supports application development for open, heterogeneous computing environments, allowing companies to maximize their return on investment in existing computing resources while embracing new technologies and architectures. Using PowerBuilder 5.0, developers can create client/server applications that run on Windows, Macintosh and Solaris-based desktops, partition those applications to utilize powerful Windows NT and Solaris based servers, and deploy applications over existing LANs, WANs, or newer Internet and intranet networks.

PowerBuilder libraries feature binary compatibility across Windows, Macintosh and Solaris platforms, giving developers the ability to create and maintain multi-platform applications from a single source code base. In addition, PowerBuilder Enterprise 5.0 features practical application partitioning that enables developers to distribute compiled PowerBuilder objects on clients and servers across a network for improved application performance and management. PowerBuilder Enterprise 5.0 enables clients on Macintosh machines to run against PowerBuilder application servers on other platforms, such as Windows NT and Solaris.

According to Dave Boswell, vice president and general manager of the Powersoft Development Tools Division of Sybase Inc, "PowerBuilder 5.0 is a market leading tool for professional developers working in open, heterogeneous, distributed computing environments. With this release, the Macintosh joins Windows and Solaris as platforms on which developers may choose to create or deploy their PowerBuilder 5.0 applications. This cross- platform capability can reduce development costs and increase developer productivity overall."

Internet and Intranet Deployment

PowerBuilder 5.0 allows developers to further extend the reach of their PowerBuilder applications across the Internet or a corporate intranet. PowerBuilder 5.0 DataWindow content can be saved as an HTML file for static display in a Web browser. For richer functionality, the PowerBuilder Window Plug-In facilitates the convenient deployment of PowerBuilder applications using a corporate intranet by allowing Macintosh and Windows- based end users to run those applications within a Web browser. The company's Web.PB technology allows developers to reach the extended Internet community with dynamic, data-driven applications by making distributed PowerBuilder application servers accessible from Solaris and Windows NT based Web servers. This enables Macintosh and other end users, equipped with only a Web browser, to access distributed PowerBuilder applications over the Internet.

Release-Defining Features

The Macintosh version of PowerBuilder 5.0 exploits Macintosh platform capabilities with the addition of native support for the Power PC processor and dynamic memory management via Apple's Code Fragment Manager (CFM) technology. Together, these enhancements deliver improved performance for PowerBuilder developers and application end users on Macintosh computers.

Powersoft has also brought compiled code to PowerBuilder 5.0 for Macintosh by integrating Metrowerks, Inc.'s CodeWarrior C/C++ compiler technology into the PowerBuilder Enterprise environment. This highly-optimized compiler technology enables PowerBuilder to provide fast script execution on the Macintosh platform. With compiled code, finely-tuned native database drivers for fast database access, and Powersoft's patented DataWindow technology for smooth data presentation, PowerBuilder 5.0 delivers the high-performance needed for complex business applications.

Additional release-defining features of PowerBuilder Enterprise 5.0 include:

-- New GUI Controls: includes list views, tree views and tab controls that help developers build sophisticated user interfaces

-- Rich Text DataWindow Presentation Style: lets users take advantage of rich text file formatting and automatic data merging

-- Advanced Object Browser: provides quick access to object properties and functions with an easy-to-use tabbed interface

-- PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library: provides developers with pre-built object classes for quick application development

-- Enhanced PowerScript Editor: supports auto formatting and drag-and- drop functionality for improved developer productivity

PowerBuilder 5.0 for Macintosh also includes the Macintosh version of Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0, a full-featured, relational DBMS with replication capabilities. The Enterprise edition also includes InfoMaker 5.0, Powersoft's award-winning query and reporting tool.

"We are very excited to see Powersoft continuing to deliver on their commitment to the Macintosh with their 5.0 release of PowerBuilder," said Heidi Roizen, vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations at Apple. "The adoption of native support for the PowerMac platform, transition to CFM and delivery of compiled code via CodeWarrior technology should be particularly attractive to our developers and customers. We are also tremendously excited about the introduction of PowerBuilder Desktop for the Macintosh, which will give many more developers access to powerful client/server development tools for the Mac."

The Macintosh platform versions of PowerBuilder Enterprise 5.0 and PowerBuilder Desktop 5.0 are both available immediately at the suggested North American retail list prices of $2,995 and $295 respectively.


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