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Apple Offers Free Stuff, Logos For Car Windows, Go Figure Handout, and Much More


Now you can show your Apple colors on your car's rear window without the glue and mess of previous logos. These new logos are static cling "no glue" decals for the inside of the window.

Anyone can obtain "5 packs" of the logo free by calling 800-xxx-xxxx. Apple reps and resellers can obtain volume quantities free from StartingLine (part L01970A) at 800-xxx-xxxx.

You can help increase Apple's brand advertising by putting one on your car, your friend's car, and anything that moves! Let's show the world the size of the Mac army!

The new "Go Figure" customer handout is now available FREE to all customers, resellers, and Apple employees.

This piece provides 21 important facts (and "Figures") about Apple's strengths:

o 25 Million Macs, 60 million users
o #1 multimedia PC vendor - Dataquest
o #1 platform for web authoring - Marai
o #1 worldwide brand loyalty - Infocorp
o #1 K-12 Education - QED
o #1 US computer vendor in Japan - Dataquest
o #1 in color publishing - Griffin Dix
o #1 multimedia CD-ROM development platform - Lightstone ..and 13 more! Sources for the facts are provided.

This "pocketsize" piece also gives user quotes on why they prefer Macs to Windows PCs, important "Why Mac?" web sites, and the 1-800-373-0877 number for customers to obtain free Mac Advantage material.

Customers can obtain "Go Figure" free by calling 800-xxx-xxxx. Apple reps and resellers can obtain larger quantities from StartingLine (part L01973A) at 800-xxx-xxxx.

Free Mac Advantage items available from StartingLine now include:

Apple logo sticker for car windows - L01970A

Go Figure flyer - lists key facts about Apple - L01973A

"Why Macintosh?" color brochure - L01667A

"Personal Computer Satisfaction" brochure - L01856A

"Macintosh or Windows?" video - L01760A

"Why Do People Prefer Macintosh?" brochure - L01749A

"50 Macintosh Advantages" brochure - L00440C

Video of Apple's Internet Strategy - L01965A

Mac OS 8 Tour CD - L01865A

"Mac OS on the PowerPC In Store Demo CD-ROM"

L01846A - "Why Macintosh" Tent Card and Take-One Flyers - L01830A

"Leave Your Mark" poster - L02033A


Customers can order single copies of the first nine items by calling 800-xxx-xxxx.


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