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Specular and Apple Announce 12 City Workshop at Apple Market Center facilities


Specular International, Ltd., developer of industry standard tools for 3D design and animation, and Apple Computer announced today a nationwide seminar tour to take place at Apple Market Center facilities in 12 major cities throughout the U.S. The seminars will focus on creating 3D graphics for Web design, 3D animation, Multimedia, and Digital Video. All demonstrations will be shown on Apple's Power Macintosh series.

The 3D Web Workshop seminar will demonstrate Specular's suite of graphics products for Web-page design based around Adobe PageMill(tm). For beginning Web enthusiasts or seasoned Web Masters, 3D Web Workshop has everything you need to easily create a stunning page that will draw in Web surfers and keep them coming back.

The Infini-D 3.5 seminar will demonstrate Specular's award-winning 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software. Attendees will see how to create awesome models and animations using Infini-D's new features including animated SuperFlares(tm), animated Booleans, and shadow catchers!

Seminar Times Both Days: 3D Web Workshop: 9:30am-11:30am Infini-D 3.5: 1:30pm-3:30pm

Tour Dates:

Atlanta, GA: Sept 19, 20
Chicago, IL: Sept 23, 24
Philadelphia, PA: Sept 30, Oct 1
Boston, MA: Oct 3, 4 Reston,
VA: Oct 9, 10 Phoenix,
AZ: Oct 16, 17 Dallas,
TX: Oct 22, 23
Santa Monica, CA: Oct 24, 25
Campbell, CA: Oct 28, 29 Denver,
CO: Nov 5, 6 Seattle,
WA: Nov 13, 14
New York, NY: Nov 18, 19

Registration: Attendees can choose between two days in each city. The agenda for each day is identical. Anyone is welcome to join us for the entire day, but they must register for the 3D Web Workshop and Infini-D seminars individually. Registration by phone only: 1-800-947-5670 ext100


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