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Practical Peripherals to Deliver 56 KBPS Modems in Q1 '97; More Bang for the Buck at Twice the Speed


Practical Peripherals announced plans to ship 56 kbits modems in its Practical modem lines. Plans are underway to offer upgrades to current users of Practical V.34 modems who want the added value of downloading information from the Internet at twice the speed.

Practical 56 kbps modems will provide PC, Macintosh and mobile users with faster, one-way Internet connections from the ISP to the user.

"Practical 56 K modems take advantage of the digital connection from the information service provider to the user to achieve twice the speed," said David Blazon, Product Line Manager, Practical Peripherals. "As you would expect from Practical, we'll be offering our 56 K products at a great price point which means twice the speed and more bang for the buck."

Practical will begin posting information about how to purchase a 56 kbps modem and upgrade options for existing Practical modems to 56 kbps on its Web site in January.


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