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Print On Demand Gains momentum; Apple, Adobe, Scitex Co-sponsor events at AppleMarket Centers


Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, and Scitex Corporation announced the refocus of the Print On Demand Initiative (PODI).

PODI is channeling its efforts to develop and demonstrate business opportunities to design originators in the on-demand color printing market. As first steps in this new focus, PODI is sponsoring a seminar at the 1996 Scitex Graphic Arts Users Association, hosting an October event at the Apple Market Center in New York City, and is continuing its pursuit of a consulting director to oversee and spur growth in the organization.

PODI is primarily targeting its efforts to the creators and the designers of print media in addition to the vendors providing on-demand printing products. "The business benefits of on-demand printing are clear," said Charles A. Pesko, executive director at CAP Ventures. "In fact, recent CAP Ventures research indicates that nearly 75% of print buyers are interested in creating new applications to take advantage of these benefits. Only with support from document owners and designers will the market be able to take advantage of the print on-demand opportunity."

This focus on the originator resulted from feedback received from the organization's initial debut at the Print On-Demand show in April. "Targeting the creators of digital printing will allow PODI to concentrate its market development efforts and will make the most effective use of the synergy between PODI's three founding companies," said Ray Wilson, vice president of marketing at Scitex.

Ongoing Business Development Efforts

In terms of untapped business opportunities, the on-demand printing industry is still in its infancy -- the impetus behind the targeted training and education efforts of PODI. Members of the Scitex Graphic Arts Users Association (SGAUA) will experience on-demand printing training first hand at the annual user's group meeting, held in Minneapolis, August 24-27. At a session titled, "Selling Digital Printing to Your Customers", SGAUA members will receive tips for identifying potential end users and for how to effectively explain the benefits of on-demand printing to them. The session will be led by PODI representatives including: Pete Moloney, Scitex; Susan Shultz, Adobe; and Nancy Carr, Apple.

PODI offers an open invitation to a business development seminar at the Apple Market Center in New York City, October 16. The theme of the event is "Real-Life Applications for On-Demand Printing". Programming is geared towards graphic arts designers and on-demand printing service providers. The event will feature a series of seminars plus demonstrations using the Scitex Spontane, Apple Power Macintosh, and various Adobe software products for short run on-demand digital color printing, including catalog publishing and direct marketing to name a few.

Organizational Leadership Pursuit

In addition to co-sponsoring events, PODI is actively pursuing a consulting director. This independent director will lead and coordinate the three founding companies and will also implement policies for admitting new associate members. "Since the debut of PODI in April, we've had strong responses from both vendors and users in the on demand printing community. We are in the midst of forming a policy for admitting new members and opening PODI to additional industry affiliates," says Susan Shultz, business development manager at Adobe.

PODI Background

Adobe, Apple and Scitex unveiled PODI at the On-Demand Printing & Publishing Conference and Exhibition in New York City, April 1996. The three companies created PODI to educate a broad range of customers and OEMs about on-demand digital printing market opportunities. PODI provides a forum for developing ways to capitalize on opportunities in specific market areas, including Internet printing, direct marketing, technical publishing, specialty printing and catalog publishing.

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-- There is no fee to attend the October 16th event at the Apple Market Center in NYC. The event will take place from 9:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m. Call 1-800-944-9628 for more information.


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