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New Tutorial For Prodigy Internet, Available for Mac by End of Year, Download here


A new tutorial for Prodigy Internet debuts today, explaining all the benefits of Prodigy Inc.'s new flagship product.

Prodigy Internet at $19.95 per month for unlimited use delivers unlimited Internet access, plus unlimited access to Prodigy's exclusive content. While Prodigy content is built entirely on the World Wide Web, Prodigy Internet is designed to offer more than state of the industry browsers like Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape navigator. The product includes two additional tool bars.

Prodigy Inc. offers its world-class content and connectivity over two software platforms, Prodigy Classic and Prodigy Internet. The recently launched Prodigy Internet is available for Windows 95 and, by year end, will also be available for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh.

Prodigy Internet delivers the depth of the internet with the ease of use of an online service. The defining traits of the product are navigation, personalization, and ease of use. Prodigy Internet members create their own opening screens according to their interests. For instance, when Richard Patterson logs onto the service he sees his favorite stock prices, weather for his hometown, Montville, N.J.; movie theatre and restaurant listings for Morris county and the business and entertainment wires from Associated Press. The Prodigy Internet software ensures that the proper personalization and database feeds are delivered to each member's screen.

Prodigy Internet may be downloaded at The Prodigy Internet default browser will be Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. The service is available with Netscape Navigator 3.0 as well. While the service is built upon the best Web browsers available with Standard Home, Back, Forward and Hotlist functions, Prodigy Internet also features a Prodigy Toolbar and a Prodigy Navigation Bar. Prodigy provides access to the tools that highlight all the capabilities of the internet: chat, newsgroups, mail, navigation such as search, go to, hot list, etc. The Prodigy Toolbar can be moved anywhere on the screen and even hidden with a simple click and drag. Tools on this bar are Configure (for configuring the toolbar itself), Search, Content Rating (where members rate the Web sites they visit), Related Content, GoTo, Home, Chat, E-mail, Newsgroups, Help, Disconnect and Your Folder. The Prodigy Navigation Bar is a guide to the best sites on the web and on Prodigy Internet. This bar follows the Prodigy Internet member throughout the Prodigy and Internet content offering dozens of navigation destinations relating to areas such as Entertainment, Lifestyles and Hobbies and Sports.

Prodigy Internet content lives on the World Wide Web existing seamlessly with the vast riches of the internet. Other online services require users to open and close the browser each time they visit a web site on the internet. Prodigy Internet content lives inside the web browser and its content is fully integrated with internet content. This is why the Prodigy Navigation Bar may offer links to hundreds of Prodigy Internet and Internet destinations at any given time. Users can quickly customize the opening screen to include dozens of Personal Links from anywhere on Prodigy Internet or the internet itself.

Since it lives on the internet, Prodigy Internet will be regularly updated to feature the newest standards. Users find the functions they want when they want them because Prodigy Internet incorporates the latest internet technologies: Internet Explorer 3.0, Netscape 3.0, ActiveX, RealAudio, Quarterback Global Chat, and extensive use of Java and Javascript.

Prodigy Internet is built on current internet standards, including those for e-mail, chat and newsgroups. Prodigy Internet leverages the integration of mail and newsgroups on the powerful browsers that Microsoft and Netscape offer.

Prodigy Internet is built on the Prodigy distributed network that fully implements TCP/IP - the key protocol of the internet. Prodigy Internet also offers nationwide 28.8 access.

Members new to Prodigy enjoy 20 hours free in the first month of Prodigy Internet. Current Prodigy members enjoy 20 hours of Prodigy Internet in the first month free, and another 20 hours of Prodigy Internet in the second month free. After the trial period, each service, Prodigy Classic and Prodigy Internet, is billed at its respective rate.

The Prodigy Internet has two premier pricing plans: 1) $19.95 per month for unlimited use. 2) $9.95 per month for 10 hours of use and $2.50 for each additional hour.

You can Download Prodigy Internet (you must fill out the online form)


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