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Epson Expression 636, New Generation of Scanning Technology


Epson announced the Epson Expression 636, reportedly the industry's most performance-driven, desktop color flatbed scanner to date. The Expression 636 is the newest addition to Epson's distinguished line of prize-winning scanning products.

The 36-bit color scanner is being offered in four distinct configurations tailored to meet the needs of the power user, business user and the graphic arts professional, on either Macintosh or PC platforms. The Epson Expression 636 bundle packages start at less than $1,000. "We have taken the very latest in scanning technology and packaged it in several versions to offer Epson performance and value to the widest range of end users," said Karl Seppala, group product manager, Epson. "But, whether you opt for the business or the full-blown graphic arts professional's solution, you can be assured of getting today's highest-quality image capture and performance at the most competitive price.

" Epson has taken its award-winning scanning technology to a new level with the introduction of the Expression 636. For the world's best color scanning results, Epson has equipped the Expression 636 with TrueScan, a proprietary technology package rooted in Epson's innovative optical systems. TrueScan allows for improved, vibrant color, tighter image reproduction and fastest scanning speeds. With TrueScan's color CCD, images can be scanned at an optical resolution of 600 dpi with 36-bit color and 3.0 dynamic range recognizing more than 68 billion colors -- more than any competing scanner product. Maximum resolution is 4800x4800 dpi and the Expression also provides 12-bit grayscale. Epson's TrueScan maximizes any document's potential for the most impressive capture possible.

The Expression 636's color CCD and single light source, are also fast, completing most scans well ahead of the competition. The Expression 636 is also equipped with Epson's new PhotoQuick technology for turning photographic negatives into positive images, saving time and expense by eliminating the need to create photographic prints before scanning. This feature requires the optional transparency unit. For OCR applications, the Expression 636 also introduces Epson's advanced version of its Auto Area Segmentation (AAS) technology. AAS permits a sharp scan of pages including text and images, maximizing OCR accuracy while capturing the clearest, most detailed graphics and images possible. Standard on all of Epson's award-winning scanning products is its exclusive Text Enhancement Technology (TET), and the Expression is no exception. TET improves OCR accuracy and allows virtually error-free scanning of text on colored backgrounds by dropping out the background during the scanning process.

Business Scanning Bundle For anyone wishing to significantly impact and customize the look of presentations, punch up proposals, create winning, personalized correspondence, and expedite the data input and document management aspects of their business, the Expression 636 has the Executive solution. The easy-to-use setup cuts down on installation and training and shortens time to production. Epson's faster scanning times also help the business user to successfully deliver their time-intensive projects. The small footprin

t of the Expression, 13-1/8" wide x 22-1/2" long and 5" high, enables setup in even limited office space. The Expression 636 Executive is offered specifically for the business person seeking superior results. Complete with all drivers, cards and cables, this solution also includes recognized and trusted names in OCR and image editing software. The Executive model will carry a street price of $899. Expression 636-Executive For the PC For the Mac

Adobe PhotoShop LE Adobe PhotoShop LE Xerox Textbridge Pro (full version) e-Paper (includes Textbridge) NewSoft Presto PageManager LE SCSI cable SCSI interface board & SCSI cable

Graphic Arts Scanning Epson, holder of some of the graphics industry's most prestigious awards for color imaging products, provides graphic designers with the highest quality, sharpest resolution and most precise color calibration in a desktop scanner available today. The Expression 636 offers the graphic arts professional a feature-rich, easy-to-use solution for creating original art, producing proofing comps, and enabling easy but sophisticated page design and layout.

Epson's bundled package options for the design community provide the greatest flexibility with the most value and finally offer designers the "choice" not to re-invest in unneeded, or already purchased hardware and software products. For the graphics community Epson offers two versions of the Expression 636.

The Pro version comes with a powerful software bundle, including full versions of Claris HomePage, Metatools and Kai's Power Tools. Macintosh users receive full version Live Picture, while the Windows bundle includes full version Photoshop. The package also features Epson's custom transparency scanning unit for infusing high-end photographic images into design projects directly from the desktop. The kit provides a SCSI interface and cable for instant installation and carries an estimated street price of $1,799. Expression 636-Pro For the PC For the Mac

Adobe PhotoShop (full version) Live Picture (full version) Kai's Power Tools (full version) Kai's Power Tools (full version) Claris HomePage (full version) Claris HomePage (full version) Xerox Textbridge Pro (full version) e-Paper (includes Textbridge) Transparency unit Transparency unit NewSoft Presto PageManager LE SCSI cable SCSI interface board and SCSI cable

The Artist's package from Epson has an estimated street price of $1,299 and includes the 636 scanner, the SCSI interface, cable and a graphics-oriented software suite. Expression 636-Artist For the PC For the Mac

Adobe PhotoShop (full version) Adobe PhotoShop (full version) Kai's Power Tools (full version) Kai's Power Tools (full version) Claris HomePage (full version) Claris HomePage (full version) Xerox Textbridge Pro (full version) e-Paper (includes Textbridge) NewSoft Presto PageManager LE SCSI cable SCSI interface board and SCSI cable

Upgrade-Only Package For either the business user or the graphics professional who have already invested in their software solutions, Epson offers the Expression 636 in a simple upgrade package. The option is available for less than $799 and includes the Epson Expression 636 scanner, drivers and cable.


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