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Purity Software Announces BeOS Web Server


Purity Software, Inc. announced the first commercial web server for the BeOS. The yet to be named server is expected to ship in the first quarter of 1997. The web server will be previewed to the public at the upcoming MacWorld San Francisco, January 7-10 out of Purity's booth (3154, North Hall). Though the feature set has not been frozen at this time, current plans for the product will offer a very competitive solution to existing servers found on other platforms. Early tests performed on the server have been very impressive in terms of speed and raw server performance, which is primarily due to the great power available when utilizing the Be Operating System.

Planned features for the server include (but are not limited to):


  • Serving on multiple ports and multihoming
  • each virtual server has it's own directory structure.
  • Both local and remote administration interfaces, including a web-based administration interface.
  • Support for CGI (Common Gateway Interface) add-ons.
  • Built-in security support.
  • File caching.

Purity also plans to port WebSiphon to the BeOS, one of the most powerful scripting tools available today for Macintosh web servers.

Pricing for the upcoming web server has not been set, but is expected to sell very competitively with commercial web servers available on other platforms.


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