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New QMS Color Printers Offer Dye Sub Color Printing; Large Format, Less than 10k


QMS Inc. announced the QMS ColorScript 460 and QMS ColorScript 480, two new dye sublimation color printers designed to deliver high-quality, continuous tone color output at market-leading prices.

The new ColorScript printers offer designers, pre-press, and graphics professionals continuous tone color output, extensive paper size options, and support an array of color management and color calibration tools. The first offering, the QMS ColorScript 460, is available immediately at a price of $7,999. The QMS ColorScript 480 will be available in January 1997 at a price of $9,999.

"The new ColorScript 460 and ColorScript 480 are top performing color printers that are a part of our complete range of graphic design printing solutions," said Allen Yuhas, senior vice president sales and marketing at QMS. "QMS products have remained strong in the graphic design community over the years, and this introduction enables us to provide the best products and support for professionals who depend on color printers as a critical part of their work process."

The QMS ColorScript products are the second offering from QMS with renewed focus on graphic design businesses. QMS is dedicated to creating products that meet the needs of demanding design applications. On Oct. 21, 1996, the company announced the new QMS 2060 Hammerhead Print System, a 20 page-per-minute monochrome laser printer that offers designers printing resources for creating booklets, proofs, and high-resolution images.

"QMS pioneered desktop printing technology for printing professionals, and has a wealth of experience building solutions that empower designers to generate the best quality product for their customers," said Mike Slezak, QMS' director of U.S. reseller sales. "The strength of the QMS support and service network, and the quality and dependability of these ColorScript printers, enables QMS to offer the highest performance, best supported color printers in the marketplace, at very competitive prices."

QMS ColorScript Printers

The QMS ColorScript 460 and QMS ColorScript 480 can create up to 256 levels of grayscale and 16.7 million continuous tone colors, including accurate flesh tones and vibrant images at up to 300 x 600 dots per inch (dpi). Both QMS ColorScript printers will print on a range of paper sizes, up to 12.5" x 18" pages, allowing full-bleed tabloid proofing.

The QMS ColorScript 460 and ColorScript 480 printers include a variety of features and functions that enhance performance in color-intensive printing environments. The QMS ColorScript printers support a broad pallette of color matching and color calibration tools, including support for Pantone Color Matching, and the CIE International Color standard. In addition, the QMS ColorScript 480 features a PhotoShop(R) plug-in and utilizes a durable overcoat ink sheet, which adds a strong, smudge, fingerprint, and ultraviolet light resistant coating to color output.

Each ColorScript printer has standard support for PostScript Level 2, Macintosh and Windows drivers for complete application compatibility. Optional network interfaces enable the QMS ColorScript products to be connected to a variety of network platforms.

The QMS ColorScript 460 Printer is available immediately, and will be QMS reference priced at $7,999. The QMS ColorScript 480 will ship in January 1997, and will be reference priced at $9,999.


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