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QuickCD 50X The Fastest CD Rom Drive Available Today


Rock Solid Systems announced today that it has begun shipping its QuickCD 50X drive.

This QuickCD 50X is an external self contained SCSI CD Rom subsystem which is capable of 7.5MB/sec. transfer rates and effective average access times of 11 milliseconds.

The new QuickCD 50X drive utilizes a patent pending controller technology with multi-channel reads, caching and multi-level stripe reads to achieve high transfer rates and fast access times.

This exciting breakthrough eliminates the waiting that accompanies data intensive CD Rom applications and opens up the uses of CD Rom drives as real file server devices for database, Photo CD, and professional quality video libraries. Imagine accessing the database network in seconds rather than minutes or running J-Peg compressed videos directly on the QuickCD 50X drive.

"This product is designed to maximize productivity and create new applications and opportunities for the CD Rom market," said Leo Berenguel, Rock Solid Systems president. "The QuickCD 50X will meet a variety of demands, from small business applications to the demanding environment of corporate and international business."

The QuickCD 50X uses a caddyless front load mechanism and includes a software driver for the Mac, cables and a built in universal power supply for use in international voltage applications. The unit retails for $995 and will work on PC compatibles, Macintosh, Silicon Graphics and Sun Micro Systems equipped with a SCSI interface.


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