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QuickDNS Pro 1.1 Beta Secondary Domain Name Service


MEN & MICE is announced that QuickDNS 1.1b1 is available for public beta testing. QuickDNS 1.1 implements secondary Domain Name Service and can thus be used as a primary and secondary name server for any number of domains.

List of changes since 1.0.1:

  • QuickDNS Pro can now act as a secondary server.
  • Allocation of TCP streams is now dynamic.
  • Zone transfer speed has been greatly improved due to better buffering.
  • QuickDNS Pro now accepts multiple CNAME records with the same name for compatibility with MacDNS RAIC implementation. QuickDNS Pro can thus act as a secondary name server for MacDNS.

You can join the QuickDNS 1.1 beta testing program by subscribing to a new mailing list. To subscribe to the list, send a message , with the command "subscribe quickdns-beta" in the body of the message. You will then receive instructions on how to obtain QuickDNS 1.1 beta versions.


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