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Quicken 7 For Macintosh Uses Westcode Software's Oneclick Shortcut Technology


Intuit Inc. announced that it has licensed WestCode Software's OneClick Shortcut Technology as the basis for the streamlined interface in the new version of Quicken for Macintosh announced today.

WestCode's OneClick Shortcut Technology is the most important component of the breakthrough user interface improvements in Quicken 7 for Macintosh," said Steve Grey, Quicken Product Manager. "OneClick allowed us to create a Quicken that is easier for new users and more customizable for existing users. Early users of the new version have described it as 'the next generation Quicken'."

The OneClick Shortcut Technology, is a runtime version of WestCode's award-winning consumer product, OneClick. The consumer version automates and simplifies any Macintosh application or MacOS operation with customizable floating button palettes, embedded toolbars, or keyboard combinations. "Our OneClick runtime technology provides developers like Intuit, with a reliable and cost effective way to quickly and easily upgrade a prduct's user interface," said John Oberrick, WestCode Executive Officer.

OneClick Enables Streamlined Interface in Quicken

Quicken's new interface organizes Quicken into five financial activity areas - Banking, Investing, Planning, Assets/Debt and Reporting. These areas are displayed in an Activity Bar that is always on-screen, allowing users to see all of Quicken functionality at a glance, providing one-click navigation to financial tasks. Once users select an activity area, like Banking, an icon bar appears and presents only those tools related to the specific area. The combination of an activity bar representing financial activity areas and an icon bar offering related tools results in a cleaner, simpler interface that helps customers stay organized and focused on their financial tasks.

Intuit used OneClick as the basis for creating the new customizable iconbars in Quicken 7 for Macintosh. "We considered developing this technology ourselves but, after investigating OneClick technology, we quickly determined that we could significantly increase functionality and reduce development time by licensing OneClick from WestCode," said Grey. "We've found WestCode's technology to be extremely flexible and reliable."

"OneClick is a very flexible, powerful tool, and it's easy to work with," said Karen Weiss, Quicken Product Development Manager. "OneClick already did 95% of what we needed it to do and WestCode worked closely with us to ensure that their technology completely met our needs."


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