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QuickMail Pro, New POP3 E-mail Client


CE Software begun shipping QuickMail Pro 1.0, its new cross-platform Internet E-mail client software for Microsoft Windows 95 and Apple's Mac OS. Loaded with powerful convenience features such as automatic attachment encoding, background mail processing and Message Peek, QuickMail Pro makes E-mailing over the Internet faster and easier than ever before. QuickMail Pro offers users: One central, intuitive window for composing, sending and managing mail.

  • Background Mail Processingsend and receive mail in the background, without the application being active, increasing speed and productivity.
  • Message Peekview the first few lines of a message before opening it. Smart Encodingdesignate the correct attachment encoding for the recipient's computing platform one time, and QuickMail Pro "remembers" it when sending future messages.
  • Custom FormsSend messages with more than a dozen useful and unique electronic forms that ship with QuickMail Pro. Mac users can create their own forms. Mail Managerrules and filters can be set up to reply to, print, delete and file incoming messages into an unlimited number of personal folders.
  • Browser integrationlaunch URLs via hotlinks in E-mail messages and use QuickMail Pro with a web browser's mail to: function.

    Server Solutions In addition to the shipping clients, which will work with any POP3 (post office protocol, version 3.0) server, CE Software will offer a comprehensive client-server solution for sites of all sizes. Announcement of these servers will be forthcoming. CE Software currently recommends and can provide extensive technical support for the following servers when used with QuickMail Pro: Apple Computer's AIMS (Apple Internet Mail Server); Seattle Labs' SLmail6, SLmail95 and SLmail NT; and's Post.Office. The AIMS server is available for no charge from Apple web site.

he suggested retail price for a one-user pack of QuickMail Pro is $69.95. Multi-user bundles retail for $279.99 for a five-user pack; $499.95 for a 10-user pack; $949.95 for a 25-user pack; $1,849.95 for a 50-user pack and $3,449.95 for a 100-user pack. A free, introductory version of QuickMail Pro, called QuickMail Express, will be available for download via the website beginning December 1.


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