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QuickScrap, Shareware Scrapbook Replacement


QuickScrap is a Mac Scrapbook replacement. Without QuickScrap you: - select the information - type Command-C to copy - switch to finder or use the apple menu - open your other application or scrapbook - type Command-V to paste in the info - switch back to the first application - continue where you left off

With QuickScrap: - select the info - type your QS hotkey - continue

With QuickScrap, you can send the data on the clipboard instantly to a scrapbook file, a ScrapIt Pro file or a QuickScrap file by pressing a key (or keys) of your choice! The QuickScrap file can be used as a multiple clipboard containing as many as 100 items (you choose how many items it will hold). You can have QuickScrap automatically copy any selection you've made in any document you're working on and send the data directly to a scrap file with one keystroke.

ther features include a user setable a "Hotkey" to allow you to type a quick note (or edit text on the clipboard) and send it to a scrap file without having to leave the application you're currently in.

You can set another key to open any scrap file, display all the items in a gallery view or alphabetical list view and allow you to select an item and instantly have it pasted into whatever document you're editing.

Some uses for QuickScrap:

  • keep a multiple clipboard (10, 25, 50 or 100 items) instead of just the one by using the QuickScrap file * email address 'glossary'
  • easy access to graphic elements
  • source for 'dingbat' characters
  • autopaste list of standard 'boilerplate' paragraphs
  • Grab an item from any scrap file without having to leave the application you're in with a keystroke!

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